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 “I am writing to say thank you because I really enjoyed all of your experiments and activities. I especially liked the balloon when you put it in the Liquid Nitrogen” - Keeley Bromley, Year 6

“ When you put the rubber stuff into the coolant and it came out just like a metal nail and you chipped it into the wood, that was the most exciting thing” - Matthew Lyons

“I thought the demonstration of lightening bolts was fascinating to see. How good you are with all this stuff” -Kieran Keogh

“I was extremely amazed when you hammered the blue tac into a 4x4 piece of wood” - Shane Lowher

“The most good demonstration was when you put some tins on the Van der Graaf generator” - Rosie Fielding

“The most amazing thing was the H2O2 that you cleared to make H20, the metal balls was brilliant. I’ve discovered a new planet and its called planet Kieran . I learned it doesn’t take much to be a scientist. I learned that scientists make mistakes and so do adults make them too and it was amazing the who wants to be a millionaire game was fab. Thank you “ - Tristan Illard

“Thank You. We really enjoyed all the fun and exciting things you did with us on 11 March. Our favourite part was when you put the blue tack into the Liquid Nitrogen and then hammered it into the piece of wood” - Year 6 R

“Today we had a remarkable scientist called Ciaran visiting Lee Mount Primary Key Stage 2 to teach us all about gases in the air and what happens when you freeze them. He showed us various experiments to do with the gases in and outside and how the sun gives off energy to and from the 
earth.” - Jacob Storey

“Today we had an amazingly brainy scientist named Ciaran. He demonstrated numerous experiments from using Liquid Nitrogen  to Oxygen. He also used water and a Bunsen burner”

“ Today we had a mentally funny and great scientist in school to teach us some interesting facts that some of us didn’t know. He demonstrated a big and enormous electric ball that carried 4000 electric bolts”  

“ I really enjoyed the science bus because you did loads of excellent experiments and you taught me loads of new science words.” - Jamie Hardy

"Thank you very much for the exciting experiments shared with our pupils. The children loved every minute and staff were delighted with the quality of teaching." - Helen Pearson Deputy Head


Thank you so much for coming to Gateways last week. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the performance and we got some great photographs.- K Ashurst Physics Department, Gateways School Harewood, Leeds.

Can I also take this opportunity to thank you for the visit, the children loved it and the certificate and letter you sent were much appreciated and are currently on display in the hall.
I know the other members of staff were also impressed so thanks once again. Clarendon Primary School Bolton

Myself and my colleagues really enjoyed watching Kieran’s show – it was full of lively demonstrations which certainly had the wow factor for the children watching. I thought it was great how Kieran made lots of references to the demo’s which he did to the type of experiments and investigations which children would take part in at high school – you could see the look of excited anticipation on their faces and what a lovely idea for children who are in or are about to go in to their transition year. EUREKA Halifax

I am so grateful to you for taking the time to visit our school and help us prepare for SATS. I hope we can continue to work together to provide an inspirational science curriculum to our children. Science Manager, Lee Mount Primary school Halifax. (Deemed outstanding by OFSTED)

Just wanted to pass on my thanks from the children and staff at Southmere Primary School.  They all really enjoyed Kieran's shows!  I'm sure the profile of Science has definitely been raised. Southmere Primary School  Bradford.

Thank you for my  present i have already started using my crystal science kit it is great fun!
The party was brilliant my favourite experiment was when  Kieron had a funny voice and sang Happy Birthday. I also liked the ones with the zinc and the coke bottles but it was all great fun!
My friends really enjoyed it too. 
Thank you for coming
From Hanna in Cheshire 

Just wanted to send you a big THANKS for the Great Earth Show on 17th August. I was extremely impressed with the content and activities. I was also really pleased with the way you ran the event and created a real buzz about the place. Victoria Appleby, Royal Horticultural Society, Harlow Carr, Harrogate.

PRESS RELEASE 19th November 2008

All Aboard the Science Bus

Six primary schools join forces to create a Science Club with a difference.

In an exciting example of innovative and collaborative working six primary schools in the ‘Reaching Great Heights’ Extended School cluster in South Bradford have come together to establish a Science Club with a difference.

Every Monday, 26 pupils from Southmere, Brackenhill, Hollingwood, St Johns, Home Farm and Stocks Lane Primary Schools are coming together to experience hands on experimental science led by ‘real life scientist’ Kieran Burns of the ‘Science Bus’. This half term the club is hosted by St John the Evangelist on Beacon Road, but will rotate around the cluster of 6 schools for a half term at each!

“Children’s innate curiosity and desire to understand should make them natural scientists,” explained Southmere Primary School Science Coordinator Clare Murray, “but for many pupils school science is perceived as boring and unappealing”

The Extended School Science Club, run by science graduate Kieran Burns could hardly paint a more contrasting picture. Cutting a figure somewhere between Magnus Pike and David Bellamy, Kieran is an animated picture of excitement and enthusiasm. Dashing from table to table to encourage and challenge there is a tremendous energy the kids love.

It is this unrestrained love of the subject and sharing it with young people that led Kieran to set up the ‘Science Bus’ last year. A Bradford based business specialising in science shows, demonstration and workshops in Bradford Schools. Kieran explains

Teachers are under pressure to deliver results, so the Science Bus was set up to build on the great work that goes on in schools day in and day out. There has been a marked reduction in children continuing their Science Education onto A level so hopefully the Science Bus experience will spark young minds into considering science as a subject and a career.

The club is the result of several months of work by the Science coordinators of each of school. Following a successful Cluster Science Festival before the summer a weekly club seemed the logical next step. Matt Hannam, Extended School Project manager said,

“The club demonstrates a real commitment from each of the schools to improve the opportunities available to children in this area by working together. The Clayton Heights and Great Horton area is economically, ethnically and culturally very diverse. As well as training the next generation of scientists this kind of collaborative working can only strengthen the links between the different parts of our community.”

Working with the Science Bus means that the Primary School Cluster has been able to offer children a taste of the kind of science more familiar within Secondary School. Without dedicated laboratories and science staff it can be logistically very difficult for primaries to offer the kind of hands on, messy, time consuming experimental investigations all children seem to love.

Kieran’s expertise and the resources the ‘Science Bus’ can provide has helped to overcome these limitations. As Matt Hannam says, “By the time the pupils arrive at St Johns from their respective schools, Kieran has already transformed the classroom into a Science Lab, with all the kit the children need to embark on this weeks latest investigative adventure!” For more information on the ‘Reaching Great Heights’ Extended School Science Club please contact:

Matt Hannam: Extended School Project Manager (Tel: 07825175125)

Just a note to say how much the children and staff alike enjoyed Kieran's visit on Jan 14th. The children still talk about it! Thank you also for the certificate (on display) and the letter (read out to the children in assembly). I am sure we will contact you again to arrange another visit).

Martin Bishop, Deputy Head St Philip's CofE Primary School Girlington

just a quick line to says thanks for the Hollingwood Shows!  The one I watched was excellent and my class were (are) buzzing about the science and learning involved.  Similarly I have had great feedback from the other year groups, especially at the bottom of school.  Keep up the good work and hope to see you at Hollingwood again soon!

Daniel Coe Science Co-Ordinator Hollingwood Primary School


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