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The Science Bus                                              

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Bringing extraordinary and World Class Science to Schools

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Come inside to discover what the Sciencebus experience is all about and how it can benefit your school. There will be smoke and bangs, a play and I will perform experiments like Making Hydrogen or freezing 'stuff' in Liquid Nitrogen. There will be some brilliant and safe experiments that the children can show their parents when they get home 

This show is usually for Primary School children of all ages but It also suitable for KS3 children also 

The Science Bus Experience

Climate Change


New for 2016-17

For 2016-17 I am offering a totally new concept for Secondary Schools. It will last a full day targeted at Students learning about Global Warming and climate change.  There will be a formal debate to explore the issues followed by a science show demonstrating how global warming 'works', We explore students perceptions about climate change and how they 'fit in'. My aim is to allow students to make informed decisions once they know the facts. 

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“I am writing to say thank you because I really enjoyed all of your experiments and activities. I especially liked the balloon when you put it in the Liquid Nitrogen” - Keeley Bromley, Year 6

“I thought the demonstration of lightening bolts was fascinating to see. How good you are with all this stuff” -Kieran Keogh

Just wanted to pass on my thanks from the children and staff at Southmere Primary School.  They all really enjoyed Kieran's shows!  I'm sure the profile of Science has definitely been raised. Southmere Primary School  Bradford.