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The Science Bus                                              

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I believe Science should be visual, informative and above all exciting.

I understand that each minute is precious in the school day and the importance of linking the science topics covered to the National Curriculum is paramount. I am a real enthusiast for the cross curricular value of science and that science is a conduit to better numeracy and literacy skills. I also appreciate the preparation time needed to cover some science topics and how there aren’t enough minutes in the school day.

I am not a franchisee of any other company and the Science Bus is privately owned.

Option 1
For 2016-17 The Science Bus is presenting the Great Earth show. The show is suitable for children from 7 to 16 (and adults will learn a lot of things too) and touches on the following National Curriculum topics. 

Key Stage 2

  • Life Cycles;
  • Gases Around Us;
  • Changing State;
  • Earth Sun and Moon;
  • Interdependence and Adaption. Food Chains, Animals and Plants In a Local Environment;
  • Forces In Action: Energy;
  • Reversible and Irreversible Changes.

Key Stage 3 

  • Simple Chemical Reactions;
  • Atoms and Elements;
  • Respiration;
  • Photosynthesis;
  • Heating and Cooling;
  • Energy and Electricity;
  • Sound and Hearing.

The Science Bus believes that children at KS2 and KS3 should be well informed in understanding the basics of Global Warming because it is without doubt the single most important issue facing the planet since the extinction of dinosaurs. The majority of information around is suitable for an adult audience but it is not adults that hold the key to the saving of our precious planet! The Science Bus wants to reverse that trend. The Earth Show is a series of experiments in the main carried out by Kieran but within the show there is audience participation including a quiz, play and assistants are frequently required.

Option 2
Another option available to you is if you want the Science Bus to cover specific topics from the Key Stage 2 or 3 curriculum. Book a day and let Kieran know your requirement and he will come to your class with the necessary equipment.

The Science Bus also has access to a Special Needs consultant specialising in Primary Movement a revolutionary method of helping children with special needs including dyslexia . If you want more information on this for INSET days, please contact Kieran direct on 07 837 116258 to discuss your requirements and cost.